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Welcome to the page of “Creo en el Amor” (I Believe in Love), the first single from my first studio album of songs in Spanish. The name of this album I cannot reveal yet because it is a surprise, but basically it is a production that I wanted to make as part of my legacy when I turned 50 years old.

Creo en el Amor, just like most of the songs on this album, it's a love song I wrote almost 30 years ago, and I was lucky enough to summon Mell Anderson for the recording, the same voice with which I sang this duet for the first time.

If you like the song, please share it so that it reaches a lot of people. Thanks from my heart.

This song is dedicated to Lenny and Julie Feldman, since their contribution allowed me to make this track.

Thanks also to the following sponsors:
Bob and Louise Mirell
Esther and Mordechai Fintz
Jonathan Drori
Ivan and Barbara Lambert

Music and Lyrics: Norman Cohen Falah
Vocals: Norman Cohen Falah and Mell Anderson

Piano and synthesizers:  Demián Sielecki
Violins: Pablo Pereira, Agostina Sempolis, David Mendoza 
Horn: Fernando Chiappero
Guitars and Bass y Bajo: Gaby Améndola
Drums: Gonzalo Elizondo
String and wind arrangements: Demián Sielecki
Mixing and mastering: Guillermo Mandrafina
Producers: Javier Montalto and Norman Cohen Falah

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